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Michael's wife: "Michael is a classic ENFP if you know anything about Myers Briggs personalities. He can be over-the-top and dramatic, and he is super passionate about almost everything. From Marvel, to Star Wars, to loving pasta, to hating on avocados, he is full of excitement and enthusiasm in whatever he is throwing himself into, especially photography. I am going to leave what he wrote about wedding photography down below, but if you're like me, and it kind of makes you roll your eyes, don't worry, he is not like that in person. He'll tell plenty of 'hilarious' dad jokes throughout the sessions, and you won't even remember you're in front of a camera half the time, and you will get gorgeous photos in the end."

Michael: "Everybody's love story is amazing and unique. From the early stages of the relationship, through the engagement, until years after the wedding day, love is one of the most amazing and beautiful forces this world has. Every single person in the world is beautiful - a wonderful work of art - and they should be cherished, especially when celebrating the start of a new chapter in their life.

I love getting opportunities to capture this beauty in clients. I adore capturing moments in time, freezing those memories so that friends and family will be able to share in them for decades to come. Love should be celebrated fiercely, and it should be remembered stunningly. These are the types of moments I work to bring to my clients.

I love meeting people. Getting to hear their stories, to share their stories, to document their stories. Love is endless, your images should be too."

Michael Allen

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