Can I have different locations for my images?

16 Sep

Especially when weddings are having the ceremony and the reception in the same location, couples can start to worry about their images looking stale.

They don't want their family images to look like their wedding party images, like their couple's portraits, like their getting ready photos.

Variety is the spice of life, as it were

Most venues have ample opportunities to have different looking backgrounds while still keeping your wedding gallery cohesive.

Some, however, may not. You love your venue, but how do you handle wanting images in other places without making the guests wait for an eternity for you to go and get back again?

Having part of your images taken elsewhere is totally doable and manageable, with a few thoughts ahead of time.

Do a first look

We can't talk about this enough. Doing a first look frees up so much of your schedule and your stress, it's crazy. Doing a first look allows you to get your couple's portraits out of the way, and/or your wedding party photos, depending on which images you want to have in a different location.

Consider booking transportation to the other location

The biggest roadblock to doing other locations for you images is the logistics. I talk about this a little in my party bus blog, but having someone else in charge of transportation, and consolidating EVERYONE you want to be in the new location to as few vehicles as possible will resolve so many of the time suck issues that crop up, and keeps your stress low.

Talk to your photographer about areas nearby

You'd be amazed at how a good photographer can make a mundane or boring looking building appear way more interesting and luxurious for your images. Talk to your photographer about finding areas nearby that will limit distance traveled but still itch that "variety" bug for your gallery. This may require some scouting, or reaching out to other photographers in the area, but chances are high that there's something a lot closer than you'd expect.

Think about utilizing a day after session

If you're not planning on immediately jetting off to your honeymoon location the next day, consider talking to your photographer about a day after session (or maybe a week after session, if you are doing your honeymoon right away). This is a way to keep the couple's portraits to a minimum on the timeline, AND allows you a LOT of opportunity for location. Maybe you got married in a loft in downtown Chicago, but you want to do your couple portraits at Starved Rock. That's not an easy drive the day of your wedding, but when you don't have to worry about a timeline, it becomes a lot easier. Day After sessions see the bride and the groom get all dressed up again, just to spend a few hours really focused on their relationship, similar to engagement photos, but better because now you're MARRIED.

So yes. You can have different images for your locations

The biggest thing is to manage expectations. The best way to understand those expectations and how they will impact your timeline is to talk to your photographer about potential possibilities.