How to make every image feel intimate!

Part 2: Isolating

This is the second part in making sure every image feels intimate your engagement or couple's wedding portrait.

The easiest part for you, as a couple, to control is the X factor (discussed in the first article here).

But when you're talking to your photographer about what you're looking for, you can make sure they know what you expect, and this article gives you something really specific to ask for. It's a completely visual trick, so reliant on your photographer, but this article is meant to give you specific requests for your photographer, and maybe some decor ideas for your wedding!

The secret here is ISOLATION.

There shouldn't be anything else in the image to capture your (or your family's) attention in the image. You and your love for each other are the sole focus.

"But shouldn't they all be like that?!"

That's a fair question, but the answer is "yes AND no".

Maybe you're getting married in Chicago or New York, and you want to have the beautiful skyline in some of your images. Or in the mountains. Or on a beautiful lake.

Within those images, the photographer can zoom in on the smaller moments with you and your love. These can be uncomfortable for you at first, because it requires the photographer to often get a little closer (a big reason to make sure you have an engagement session with your pro is to help get used to this!), and if you're not USED to being the sole focus of an image (where you take up an entire photograph), you can get a little self conscious.

Seeing you and/or the love of your life taking up the entire frame of the image can be so profoundly exciting. It's amazing seeing couples' faces light up when they see them.

But isolation isn't just accomplished from zooming into the couple. It can also be accomplished by putting things in front of the lens that help block out everything else. It also makes the image feel like it's "peeking in" on you, so it feels even more intimate.

We live in the Midwest, so we often use fields/grass/things like that. But you'll also see it used with lights, especially fairy lights (which also make really nice additions to wedding decor....*wink wink*), and a number of other wedding decor items. So don't skimp on that wedding decor! :)