How to make every image feel intimate!

Part 1: The X Factor

Traditional engagement (and wedding) photos are beautiful. Well crafted, timeless, great for sending to parents, grandparents, and using on save the dates.


Sometimes they can feel distant. Forced. Overly-cheesy.

So how can you avoid that?

After all, the only time we REALLY like cheese is on pizza. Burgers. Maybe with some wine. You know, the food type of cheese.

There's a rule photographers use when posing couples that relates to their faces interact with each other. I'm not talking about the way they look at each other, or how they kiss, but rather the visual interaction. The easiest way to see it is looking at the nose (or imagining it if a nose is hidden behind another person.

We are always (or almost always) trying to create an X with the lines of the nose.

So if you drew on the photograph, and made a straight line from each nose (the line can go backwards, too), at some point they would cross. The more extreme it is (generally) the more intimate it feels. This is called the X factor (like the TV show, but better, because you're the star!).

If you're out with a photographer, and they tell you to look straight into each other's eyes and smile, this is the time to show them how awesome you are at posing. One of you can gently drop your chin and eyes down, and turn your head just slightly to the side (towards the camera creates a greater impact but is not required).

Not only can this up your engagement photos, but if you incorporate this into your selfies? Whew. You'll have the best selfies around!

Stick around for the next part in how to make your images feel more intimate, and in the meantime? Practice the X-Factor!